Semi Inground Pools

By Dr. Zee Pool Installation

Why Semi-inground?

The difference is in the aluminium

Swimming pools made of Extruded Aluminum are the best choice for value, strength and long lasting enjoyment of your pool.

• Aluminum naturally resists corrosion and does not rust.

• The airline, automotive and construction industries all turn to aluminum when they need a safe, long-lasting material that can withstand the elements.

• Pound for pound, aluminum is twice as strong as steel.


Product specifications

Limited Lifetime Warranty Extruded Aluminum Interlocking Wall and Frame – rust-free and twice as strong as steel, Similiar to an inground pool 52″ Wall Height Semi-Inground sinks the pool up to 2’ into the ground 8″ Extruded Aluminum top seats/coping Delta 3000 Support System™ on oval pools (achieving a stronger, straighter pool) Stainless Steel Fasteners Slip-Resistant Coping Finish Beaded Liner Receiver – Same Technology used on Inground Pools 22.5 mil. #2 bead liner

Do we need a permit for Pool Installation?

Yes, you will need a permit for Semi Inground Pool Installation.

Who will need to fill out the paperwork for the permits?

The Pool Installation company together with the Licensed electrical company!

Who will need to pay for the permit?

The Homeowner is responsible for all the permit payments, and final inspection!

Will my property taxes go up after the pool Installation?

Usually not if the pool is buried only 2’ft but depends on the town!

How long will take to Install Semi Inground Pool?

Takes between 1 and 2 days depends on the size of the pool and the ground!

How long will take to fill up the pool with water?

Depends on the size of the pool and weather pressure of the house!

Will my grass be damaged by the installation equipment?

Yes, your grass will be destroyed 5’ft all around the pool perimeter and the route which the Bobcat goes from the pool to the street to remove the extra dirt!

Who is responsible to fix the lawn after the installation?

Lawn damages done by our excavators entering and exiting the property are customer’s responsibility .Pool surroundings are also not our responsibility, unless otherwise specifically agreed previously in writing!

How often the Liner needs to be replaced?

Every 7-8 years the Liner needs to be replaced!

How often we have to replace the water in the pool.

Never for the first 7-8 years, The water needs to be drained only before the liner replacement!

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