Rectangular Pools

By Dr. Zee Pool Installation

Superior Wall Panels

THE RECTANGLE POOL has 3″ thick, 4′ wide, and 52″ high thermal-insulated wall panels. These EPS panels have an R-14 insulation rated inner core and double outer layers of galvalume coated steel with 2 lb. density strength. This is the very best heat retaining panel in the swimming pool industry. The result is more enjoyable warmer pool water and major savings on heating costs.

Strong Pool Frame

THE RECTANGLE POOL has a high quality frame which is made of 6063 T-5 mill-finished and anodized aluminum that is proudly made in the U.S.A. The pool is built using similar engineering technologies and materials that build airplanes, skyscrapers, and spacecraft.

2023 Hercules

  • Inground Aluminum pool
  • Semi or Inground
  • EZ rectangular
  • For those who want only the best!

Pool Features

  • R-14 Heat Retaining Wall
  • 3″ Thick, 4′ Wide, 52″ High Panels
  • Anodized & Mill-Finish
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Built-In Pool Liner Receiver
  • Superior Strength
  • Lifetime Warranty
Zee Pool -Walk-in Stadium stairs

Walk-In Stadium Stairs

Walk-In Stairs - Bench Pool

Walk-In Stairs w/ Bench

Walk-In Stairs - Sun Deck Pool

Walk-In Stairs w/ Sun Deck

Zee Pool Deep End pool

Deep End Pool

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