Above-Ground Pool Opening and Closing

When summer is just around the corner, opening your above-ground pool is one of the most exciting times of the year. But don’t waste your time and money on just any pool installation company in New Jersey; trust Dr. Zee Pool Installation LLC. We are professional pool contractors ready to prep your above-ground pool opening and close your pool in the proper way and at an affordable price. Opening an above-ground pool for summer means our professional team will do the following:

  • Drain, clean and remove the pool cover 
  • Reconnect your pool equipment (filter, motor, heater, skimmer and return)
  • Turn your system back on and treat your pool with all of your season-opening chemicals 

When it comes to closing your above-ground pool for winter, properly closing and winterizing your pool are extremely important steps to take to save it for future use. If your pool is closed inappropriately, the snow and ice that accumulates during the winter can seriously damage your pool, skimmer and filtration system. To save your investment at the end of the season and to make the yearly pool opening process worry free, hire Dr. Zee Pool installation LLC for your pool closing.