Linear replacement

By Dr. Zee Pool Installation

It’s time to change your pool liner?

Don’t worry “Dr.Zee Pool Installation” can make this process worry free!  Liner replacement in NJ can be easy and help maintain the quality of your pool for years to come.

Over the time, the pool liners become brittle. If your pool liner starts leaking, fading, tearing, or is more than 7 years old, it is time for it to be replaced. This necessary replacement will keep your pool in good shape and allow it to live longer. We specialize in pool liner replacement in NJ. Before you request a liner replacement, please know:

  • The exact shape and size of your pool
  • The heights of your pool (48, 52 or 54 inches)
  • What style pool liner you need to buy (overlap, beaded or unibead)
  • The pool needs to be completely empty day before the installation
  • The Pool needs to be cleaned from any leaves, winter cover and toys
  • Liner replacement labor takes between 3-6 hour’s
  • Liner replacement cost depends on the size of the pool

If you have any additional questions, we are here to help!

Call “Dr.Zee Pool Installation” today and make your pool look new again!

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