Above Ground Pools

By Dr. Zee Pool Installation

An above ground pool is an excellent option for pool owners looking for less of a commitment. Above ground pools are generally cheaper to buy and easier to install than their inground counterparts. If you opt for an above ground pool, there are a few things you will need to consider before you can put your swimsuit on and jump in.

Three Important decision’s to take!

The size, shape, and location of the pool are important considerations. You should also check your local regulations for restrictions on how far the pool needs to be from your house and fence.

Once you’ve decided where the above ground pool is going to be placed, you’ll need to measure the area to determine what size and shape above ground pool you’re going to need. When measuring, allow an extra three feet if you are buying an Oval Above ground pool that uses buttresses. A buttress is an angled support beam that extends from the wall of the above ground pool to the surface of the ground. Its purpose is to keep the above ground pool stable. Many newer above ground pools now have upright support systems that do not require buttresses.

Above ground pools come in two shapes:

Round and Oval.

Above ground pools usually come in two heights – 52” inches and 54” inches. This measurement references the height of the above ground pool wall from the ground. When considering the size and shape Above ground pool, check with you local building inspector, in your town for a above ground pools code required a minimum 48” barrier around the pool or around the property,so in most cases the 48” pool would have to be fenced.

Do we need a permit for Above ground pool installation?

Yes, New Jersey state requires permit for Above, Semi and Inground pools!

How long will take to Install an Above Ground Pool?

Takes about 6-10 ours !

Do we need a License electrician?

Yes , you will need a license electrician to do the work for you, this is New Jersey requirements!

Who is going to fill up the pool with water?

The homeowners are responsible to fill up the pool with water!

Do we have to drain the water during the winter?

No, the water level stays the same all year round!

How often we need to replace the Liner?

Every 7 to 8 years the Liner needs to be replaced!

How long is the warranty on the pool?

The pool warranty depends on the Manufacturer and the material of the pool wall ( steel or aluminum)

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